• Hey everyone, thanks for coming out and racing on Sunday with us at Schiller Park hosted by xXx Racing! We had a great time and we hope you all did too!
  • Full USAC Results are online here.
  • We’ll have Overall Series standings updated here soon, with Women Cat 4 and Masters 65+ standings broken out separately. We’ll also separate out Masters 35+ Cat 4/5, Masters 55+ Cat 4/5, Masters 45+ Cat 4/5, & Women Masters 35+ Cat 4/5 broken out for fun.
  • Next up, the CCC takes a the weekend off, but we’ll be back in action in 2 week on Sunday 10/16 at Glenwood Academy CX.
  • Just a friendly reminder to renew your USAC annual license. There were a LOT of riders who had not renewed by Saturday before Schiller Woods. You must race in your USAC category and once you’re a Cat 4 you cannot downgrade to a Cat 5.
  • If you are racing more than one category, make sure to pick up both/all of your bib numbers and wear the correct number in each race. You’ll get new numbers at each event throughout the season.
  • Please, please, please pin your bib number on the SIDE of your jersey, specifically the LEFT side. Not your back, not your head, not your right side. We saw all three and then some this past Sunday (okay not on anyone’s head). Start by aligning the bottom of the number to the middle of the side panel of your jersey. Our scoring/timing pro Nikki and our USAC officials are really, really good at reading literally thousands of numbers flying by the finish line all day, but let’s help them out and make it easier on everyone and also guarantee more accurate and quicker results for everyone. Thanks!
  • The image below is from Sunday and what the finish-line camera sees. It should be very clear who pinned their number well and who didn’t. Numbers 74, 85, and 91 are perfect. The others could be better.
  • And finally… good luck to everyone heading up to Wisconsin this coming weekend for the Trek CX Cup!

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