Bartlett/Sunrise Park Results

October 25, 2009

More big numbers for the CCC… 403 starters today at Bartlett!
Thanks to everyone who came out to do it in dirt mud. Can you believe we’re already half way through the CX season?

Full results here.
Overall standings are here.
Per usually, please give us a day or two to compile the team standings.

Photo: Liz Farina Markel

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CCC in the Press

October 24, 2009

This just in… a little more media coverage for the CCC.

SRAM‘s Scott McLaughlin and xXx Racing‘s Jeff Holland grace the cover of the Nov/Dec issue of Chicago Athlete Magazine!

–  Thanks to Sheila Burt for the great article with comments from the CCC’s Jason Knauff, the Pony Shop‘s Lou Kuhn, and Iron Cycles Brandon Elliot and Katie Isermann. Check out the full article starting on page 28.

– The Daily Herald also has an article about Carpentersville here titled “Challenging Cyclocross come to Carpentersville“. Thanks to Steve Zalusky for the insightful article!

– Speaking of Scott… it might be difficult… but see if you can spot him on the front page of If you ride mountain bikes at all you’ve probably heard of SRAM’s new XX grouppo. Not only is Scott a ridiculously fast and talented CX and MTB racer, but he’s also a brilliant engineer who was instrumental in bringing the XX concept to market. Read all about it here.

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This Just In… Gibbs Lake CX Cancelled

October 23, 2009

We just heard from our scout network that “The Gibbs Lake cross race (Saturday in WI) is cancelled due to the park’s dept decision that they were not willing to allow racing in the conditions that exist. Areas of the park have 6 inches of standing water. The race will be rescheduled (tentatively Nov 15).”

We hate to hear any CX race is cancelled but we also know how important it is to keep our parks green and our relationships with the park’s departments healthy.

The CCC’s Bartlett race is still on.

We’re also hearing the Sunday Whitewater race is also cancelled. We’re expecting a few WI riders to travel down to Barlett to get their weekend CX racing fix so hopefully the fields, crowds, cowbells, and handups will be plentiful despite the deteriorating weather forecast.

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Bartlett/Sunrise Park Preview

Another CCC classic, for 2010 promoter Jim Nowak and ABD are stepping up again to both challenge and delight racers…

  • The Bartlett venue has perhaps the trickiest parking situation of all the CCC races. Parking is actually a good ways away at the Sycamore Trails School. See the map here. Please park at the school and follow the signs on the path to the course and registration. Its probably a good idea to ride your bike, but per USAC regulations you must wear your helmet at all times when on your bike at a race. You can’t finish the race if you don’t start because you brains are all over the sidewalk… so please keep it safe and don’t make us ask you twice… better yet once. See page 51 and 52 here.
  • Last year we had sunny skies, and a touch of wind. The forecast for Sunday looks much better this year , a little wet now… but still and chilly… so bring you knit caps and gloves. Also, with all the rain the past 2-3 days there are likely to be some wet spots… so bring your ‘wellies.
  • The Bartlett course is the longest so far this year in the CCC at roughly 2.2 miles. All categories will still be racing the same amount of time as all other CCC races, but you’ll obviously be completing fewer laps… so pay attention to the lap counters.
  • The Course runs clockwise this year (see below). Registration will be in roughly the same spot as last year, just East of the Finish line. The wheel/bike pit is double entry and just about in the middle of the course. The start chute will be just to the North of the pit.
  • Since the start chute and Finish line are on the interior of the course… please be careful when crossing the course since racers will likely be coming at you from both directions.
  • Do you have a tent and want to be right on the course to heckle your riders (heck all the other riders too!) and give dollar hand-ups?… set up SouthEast of Finish line on the outside of the course so you can see riders going through the toiletbowl as well.
  • The 4B’s are closed and the 4A’s are nearly there. As at past races we’ll start a wait list on race day for those wanting to take any No-Show spots.
  • We thought the Louisville USGP race would take away from the CCC, but there are still 317 of you pre-reg’d! Wow… only 2 less than Jackson Park and Carpentersville.
  • Please remember this course is smack in the middle of a housing community. Please respect the neighbors at times while at the race. That last thing we want is not to be allowed back for something silly.
  • Finally, since the park is in the middle of a residential area there are no eating (or drinking) establishments in the immediate vicinity. ABD may have some chili if they can persuade the local constables that their hands are clean… but its not for sure yet… so please plan accordingly, especially if you plan on doubling (or tripling up) and have a long drive home.
  • At Carpentersville we picked up a xXx Racing, a Colavita, and a black Pearl Izumi Jacket. You can claim them at the finish line on Sunday.

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Thursday CX Video

October 22, 2009

Here’s a great example of fantastic CX video work from earlier in the year. We’d love to see someone put something together like this for a CCC race!

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3709928&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Three additional news items:

  1. Remember online pre-reg for Bartlett closes tonight at midnight. The 4B’s are supposed to be an overflow category for the 4A’s, so we’re not sure why the 4B’s keep filling up before the 4A’s… but as long as you guys are having fun… go for it. Note there is NOT a state champ jersey for the 4B’s… only the 4A’s.
  2. Team standings are updated here. Sheriff Kuhn’s Pony Shop is still in the lead with Verdigris a close second and xXx Racing rounding out the podium. It should be interesting to see how the team standings shift after this weekend with so many riders traveling to eat pizza.
  3. The CCC was just mentioned on’s “Pace of Chicago” endurance sports blog here.

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Tuesday CCC Updates

October 20, 2009

– Another big thanks to Jeff Provisor, North Branch Cycling, and Main Street Bicycles for putting on another great Carpentersville race. The new pump/rhythm section was a hit, as was the timeless sand and toilet bowl. The spectators were out in full force as well. In addition to the now traditional dollar handups, we saw hotdogs/snickers/butterfingers and sliders! We can’t wait to see what you all think of next (just keep it clean please)!

– Up next… Bartlett/Sunrise Park hosted by Athlete’s By Design (ABD). Hopefully we won’t have 30 mph winds like last year… but race promoter Jim Nowak always seems to have something tricky up his sleeve. We know a few of you are heading down to Louisville to eat some Papa John’s Pizza… but if you’re not into driving 4.5 hours one way for a 40 minute race… come on out to Barlett. Look for the usual Friday race preview on, well… Friday.

– Online pre-reg is now open for Northbrook here. Big thanks again to promoter Chris HenningGarner Northbrook Bike Club, and Flatlandia for bringing back this great race venue. Chris reminds us all that we must only park in legally marked spaces and do NOT park in the main park parking lot or we won’t be able to race at the Northbrook venue again. Watch for details closer to the race day for parking specifics.

– Are there extra bikes or scooters in your garage that you have outgrown? Would you like to donate them to kids who don’t have a bike or a scooter? The Jane Addams Hull House Association in Chicago will also be at the Northbrook race accepting donations. These bikes are being collected to reward kids for doing well in school and to recognize students’ commitment and achievements in school.  Many of these kids have never owned a bike. Think about how much fun you have (just on your CX bike for 45 minutes once a week) and help bring a little sunshine into a kid’s life! Find more details at

– Lots more details to come about the Hilton Indian Lakes race… but here’s a teaser… Room rates $79.  Up to 5 people can stay in one room at no extra charge.  Roll away beds provided at no extra charge. Stay Friday night or Saturday night… or the whole weekend! Indoor locker room.  Change in the warmth.  Take a shower after your race. All day, all you can eat buffet. More to come, so watch the site.

– Wanna race on the cheap? Dr. James Kearns, promoter of the Woodstock race, needs some helping setting up his course. The good Doctor will let anyone who shows up at 7am on Sunday November 22nd and helps set up the course race for $10 all day. If you’re interested and can commit to being there on time and helping, please email the Doctor your email address and mobile # at

– Good news all around for the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew. First, a very belated congratulations to Avi Neurohr who is the first ever Officially Unofficial Illinois State Cyclocross Single Speed Champion. See details on the Half Acre site here. Thanks again to HAC and Tobie at North Central Cyclery for hosting the special event at the Dekalb race. Second, after a minor major tragedy that led to the quietest ever CX race at Dan Ryan Woods, the Cuttin’ Cruser is back in action. We’re glad to hear she’s okay, was back at Carpentersville, and we all look forward to more action from the ‘crew.

– Join Cycle Smithy Johnny Sprockets on their Zombie Bike Ride. Wednesday 10/28/09 at 3030 Broadway, Big empty lot.

– Local “pro” Ben Popper shares some of the behind the scenes antics of a CX race in CX Magazine.

Red Bull is having a photo contest. Check it out here and the rules here. Let’s see if we can get some CCC pix in there!

– Speaking of contests… CX Magazine is having another Race Report Contest. See it here.

– They’re not from the MidWest, but Recycled Bike Art has some nifty cycling related nick-nacks. Check them out at

– And finally, don’t forget submissions for the 2009 CCC t-shirt contest are due no later than midnight this coming Saturday 10/24/09.

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Carpentersville Results

October 18, 2009

Thanks to the 388 racers who came out to enjoy some fantastic fall weather and the Carpenter’s Park Oktoberfest.

Final results are here.

Overall series standings are here.
Team Standings will be posted in a day or two.

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